The Right Way To Do

At this point, if you’ve shared your email address with a number of businesses out there, you’ve likely seen the wrong way of doing email marketing. But hopefully, you have seen at least a few examples of the right way, too!

Unfortunately, too many businesses look at their email list as a one-way communication platform, where they tirelessly bombard you with their latest promotion. We believe that email marketing is an effective tool for building a better relationship with your email list, and over time earning their trust & loyalty, rather than a quick transaction.

It All Begins With A Plan

When we create your email marketing strategy, we first get familiar with your goals, short-term & long-term, as well as your business’s daily operations, unique qualities, and overall brand, so we can provide you with a tailored email communications plan that will help keep your audience informed & engaged.

We help you decide their frequency, their ideal audiences, and clearly define the objectives for you.

Email Marketing Agency

Email Campaign Creation

We then craft the email templates and sequences that will bring the most value not only to you, but to your audience.

Automated Email Sequences


 Automated email sequences can be time-based or behavior-based, and they lead your audience on a customized journey through your content as they get to know & trust you.

Email Newsletters


Newsletter campaigns are an excellent way for organizations and businesses to keep their audience informed on a regular basis while showcasing your content, building credibility and long term relationships. 

Email Blasts


Event invitations, weekly specials, product updates, and anything else your audience would like to know about your business’s operations.

List Management

Your audience wants to feel heard and loved, and like they’re on their own customized journey. They don’t want to receive an email on a topic they have no interest in, and neither would you.

We manage audience segmentation based on their interests and what they want to be informed on, increasing your emails’ open rates and decreasing the amount of unsubscribes, all while providing a valuable experience to your audience.

Email List Management & Segmentation

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